Integrated Micro Systems, the Home of the Information & Communication Technology IMS is a locally functioning ICT service providing company that has been serving the four corner of the country since 1998.  We offer an uncompromising and affordable service experience to local commercial, educational and government institutions. We IMS, provide onsite visit to customer places and giving the best service.

Please contact us about our technical services and we will respond to your inquiry within one business day.

We provide our customers,
1. A unique range of software packages, which suits individual customer, needs
2. Computers & computer accessories
3. Computers upgrading & servicing
4. Network installations & maintenance
5. A warranty period with a minimum of one year or more according to customer satisfactionMaintenance, modifications, replacements & specific adjustments on all types of computers Installation of E-MAIL & INTERNET connections, Web page designing & Web hosting

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